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St. Joseph Patron of Families PDF

St. Joseph Patron of Families PDF

This program was the response to a call in this year of St. Joseph. St. Joseph is a special man in scripture, model for families, and example for all of us on what it means to follow what God asks of us. 


We live in times surrounded by a culture of death, and the questioning of what it means to be a man, woman, or family in today’s world. St. Joseph and Mary are perfect examples to us of living true to who God has made us to be as man and woman, and to live from that gift.


Included in this book purchase, you will receive a digital copy of Pillar of Families for you and your family to pray with. Included in this book are 5 images, Scripture passages, and reflection questions for husbands, wives, and children. This a perfect way to begin praying together as a family!


This book is a PDF for download only.  It is under copyright, so by purchasing this companion, you agree to not distribute it.  You will receive an email including the PDF when you purchase this item.

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