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A Letter from our Founder

Welcome to our Behold Family! I am so happy you are here.

Behold  is the result of being struck by beauty in my own life.  And each day since it has started, I am filled with awe of God's goodness to call me to this work.

A decade ago, I entered religious life. I had thought about it for half my life, and here I was, at 20 years old, moving to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue what I felt the Lord was asking of me.  It was an tremendous gift of experiencing the beauty of that vocation.  

A few months into this journey, I felt gentle nudgings that the Lord might be asking me to come back to the world.  When God first presented this call to me, I rejected it...I found so much of my identity in my religious discernment.  In my journey over the next few months, He began to show me more of the areas of where my heart clung to false identities in order to strive for love.

This experience was a call from God… A call to see that I found so much of my value in what I did, versus the reality that I was a daughter of God.


I ended up deciding to leave religious discernment after much prayer, with deep love for my community and with God leading the way.  In that trying time of my life, when I had nothing to cling to but God, the way I found Him was by praying with art .  As I continued to draw closer to Him, and experience healing, I saw the need to invite others into it .

So, I decided to do a 5 week program on praying with art with 15 other women in the winter of 2016.

During this program, I walked  with my fellow sisters in Christ. Through art, we prayed together. We enjoyed fellowship. We discussed Mary's feminine genius and how we could live it. Most of all, we brought Christ to one another.

This program changed me and the women around me.  I knew I couldn't keep it to myself. God was at work. From there, God provided the people and projects in His time to form this ministry.  Since then, we have published over 7 books, and continue to form new ways to foster this community.

I feel so blessed with how Jesus brought the story of His own life into mine.  I truly feel as though Behold is the story of what we claim to believe- that the Resurrection does indeed come after the cross.  

I hope and pray our community is a source of joy, peace, friendship, healing, and deeper relationship with Christ for you.

Please be assured of my prayers for you, and please pray for us and our ministry! 

​In Christ,
Katie Weiss
Founder of Behold


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