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How long is the program?

​In a small group format, the Visio Divina program is usually 5 or 6 weeks long (depending on the book used). Each of those weeks consists of a 1 hour or a 1 1/2 hour session in which the women pray and discuss together.

What is Visio Divina?

​Visio Divina is a complement to Lectio Divina, which is an encounter with God and listening to His voice through open receptivity to His Word.
We have a format on how to pray with art in the introduction of all our books.

How do I start a Behold group?

We are happy that you want to share in our mission! Firstly, your group needs a trained facilitator.  During training, you will be given the methods and skills needed to lead Visio Divina step by step, along with how to facilitate discussion. We are currently accepting applications for facilitators. If you are interested, click here.

How much of a time commitment is needed?

As a facilitator, you do not need to prepare much outside of meetings. Beyond the 1 or 1 1/2 hour meetings with your group, the facilitator only can additionally put in about 30 minutes to prepare for meetings weekly.

What is the format of each meeting?

Each meeting is a combination of prayer time, fellowship, and discussion. During the time of prayer, the facilitator leads the women step by step through Visio Divina.  A facilitator can follow the facilitator guide script found at the bottom of this page.

How do I join a Behold group?

We currently have groups in parishes across the United States! Our current groups can be found here. We also have virtual groups. If you do not find a group through the link above, you can contact us at​.

I am nervous about leading a group.

Do not worry! All you need to facilitate is an open heart! We train our facilitators through a short facilitator training video.  In this training, you will be given the basic skills needed to ensure you feel confident in your facilitating!

In regards to the program itself, you do not need to worry about what to say.  We provide you with a script in case you need it!

What Our Clients Say



"Behold became a haven of the Lord's love for me at a time in which I needed some reminding of my identity.  I have prayed with visio divina before, but Behold not only provided the accountability of prayer, but fostered deep community and love of beauty."


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