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Made In His Image
  • Made In His Image

    This companion was created for all of us to find deeper freedom and fullfillment in our relationships with God, ourselves, and one another.  By meditating on sacred art with the reality that we are created by Love and for Love, we can live ever more deeply in the freedom of self-gift.   This companion was made for all to find freedom in relationship, but in particular, for those struggling with pornography addiction.


    This series has two volumes (containing a total of 20 lessons versus our usual 5), leading you by a progression of themes through the lens of Theology of the Body.  Various chapter themes included are Allowing Ourselves to be Seen, Seeing Jesus' Glory, Through the Cross to Glory, and Wounds as Avenues to Mercy.  Artists included are James Tissot, Bouguereau, Barbieri and many others.


    Select your shipping preference at checkout, along with if you want to order just one volume or both.  This book set is usually $30 per book individually, but if you order both now, its only $25 each volume for the physical copies.  

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