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Come and See: A Meditation Through Art and Scripture

Come and See: A Meditation Through Art and Scripture

Pray with multiple scenes through the New Testament with us! For this special limited time series, we partnered with the Seminarians from the Diocese of Allentown, PA.


This book was written by seminarians, some of whom received Holy Orders this year. Using their favorite themes in Scripture and prayer, they searched their favorite images, picked Scriptures to pray with, and wrote their own questions for reflection.


The themes included in this book are the following:

Lesson 1: The Annunciation by Dominic

Lesson 2: Mary, the New Eve by Rev. Alex

Lesson 3: The Nativity by Jeffrey

Lesson 4: The Finding in the Temple by Rev. Miguel

Lesson 5: The Hidden Life by Rev. Keaton

Lesson 6: Jesus is Condemned to Death by Tyler

Lesson 7: Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum by Rev. Nikolai

Lesson 8: Our Lady of Sorrows, Mater Dolorosa by Rev.Aaron


Proceeds from this book will go to support these seminarians and priests, and to encourage us to pray for them. Please join us as we pray for these wonderful men of God! This is a powerful way to pray with art, along with grow in hope for the future of the Church as you pray through meditations.



This book is only available in PDF format.


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