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Lenten Virtual Group : Faith Over Fear Registration and Book
  • Lenten Virtual Group : Faith Over Fear Registration and Book



    This group will meet on Mondays in Lent from February 19 to March 25 at 8 PM EST.  Included in this program are 6 unique lessons on praying with art, 6 weeks of prayer and mentorship with a Behold facilitator, and weekly small group discussion. The cost of registration allows us to pay our faciliators and also provide the services Behold offers, such as the website, zoom membership, weekly emails, etc.  Thank you for supporting our ministry! 


    Fear can cripple all of us and stop us from the goods the Lord places before us.  But in the midst of fear, Jesus comes to us, and He desires to be with us.


    To lean into such places of fear with the Lord and grow in relationship with Him, we have a new release to our Visio Divina series. Using instances in Scripture of finding Christ in the midst of fear, one will be led into deeper relationship with Him and find faith amidst moments of fear.


    Select book option (PDF or physical copy) on this page to select which format you would like for your book.   If you choose PDF, please allow up to 24 hours for the PDF to be emailed to you.  Thank you!


    If you are interested in this group but want to see a sample first, click here

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